The Do’s and Don’ts of waxing

A great experience starts with the wax(mi)

Our gentle, green, cream-based wax is specially formulated for your most sensitive body parts. It’s unique quality allows the wax to shrink wrap around the hair and lift easily from the skin. We use this was for face and bikini waxing. For all other waxing and body parts we use our pink cream-based wax. It creates a soft texture that glides easily onto the skin and leave it soft, sleek and of course, hair free!


The Do’s

Feeling nervous or worried about pain? Take two Advil one hour before your appointment.

Gently exfoliate one day before your appointment. This will help the wax hold your hair and not your skin.

Book your waxing appointments every four to six weeks. This will ensure less hair and therefore, less pain - YAY!
Pro Tip: book your next appointment before you leave the salon. This will help you stay on schedule.

Wait 10-14 days after shaving before booking a waxing appointment. The hair should be at least 1/4” in length.

Apply a cold compress after waxing if your skin feels extra sensitive.


The Dont’s

Don’t shave in between waxing appointments. Hair has multiple stages of growth and it is better to wax consistently to weaken every stage.

Don’t expose your skin to sun or tanning beds for 24 hours after waxing.

Don’t take a hot shower or bath for 24 hours after waxing. A shower with cool water is ideal.

Don’t exercise for 24 hours after waxing. Your pores are open after waxing and sweat can cause breakouts.

Don’t apply cream or lotion for 24 hours after waxing. This may block your hair follicles and cause increased sensitivity and ingrown hairs.

Don’t trim your hair before your appointment. The last thing you want is hair that is too short to wax.

Don’t cancel your appointment if you get your period. As long as you are comfortable wearing an internal care product (tampon, cup, etc) and comfortable being waxed at that time, we can still work our magic!