*Prices subject to change without notice.

+ Brazilian

(first visit to Waxmi)

$ 60 + tax
This service is for clients booking their first Brazilian ever and for those booking their first Brazilian at Waxmi (but have had Brazilian wax before).
We spend a little extra time explaining the procedure and perhaps a couple short breaks in between, if needed. All hair is removed front to back (including the bum). You can choose from completely smooth, a landing strip or a triangle.

+ Brazilian


$ 55 + tax
This maintenance service is for regular clients. Appointments scheduled every four to six weeks.

+ Skinny French

$48 + tax
The Skinny French is a happy medium between the Classic French and the Brazilian. Skinnier than the Classic French, includes a deep bikini line and inner cheeks, leaving hair on the labia.

+ Classic French

$45 + tax
The Classic French takes a bit more hair from the bikini line than a regular bikini wax. We can also remove some hair from the top line creating a more defined triangle area. Hair removal from the inner cheeks can also be done.

+ Basic Bikini

$35 + tax
There's nothing basic about looking great in a bikini! The Basic Bikini removes hair outside the bikini line. We can also remove hair from the top for a smooth finish.

+ Lower Leg

(NO Upper Leg)

$45 + tax
We use our gentle pink cream wax to remove the hair and leave you skin soft and smooth.
*We recommend no shaving for three weeks prior to ensure the best results.

+ Underarms

$19 + tax
Hair is removed from the entire underarm. Tweezing ensures no strays are left behind.

+ Brows

$23 + tax
The WAXMI Signature Brow is the quickest way to flatter and flaunt those beautiful eyes. We will begin with a consultation and explain the geometry of your face and how to best scuplt your brows. We recommend no tweezing for two weeks prior to your appointment and no tweezing in between visits.

+ Upper Lip

$12 + tax
Hair is removed from the upper lip. Tweezing ensures no strays are left behind.

+ Chin

$16 + tax
Hair is removed according to your personal needs. This service can include lower lip to just under the jawbone.